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The amount of responsibilities and decisions you have to take on the wedding planning process should be split between you and your fiance.

As a wedding planner I see Brides that take the entire ownership of the wedding assuming all responsibility of the wedding; tending to forget that the groom was the one initiating the wedding by proposing.

My hope is that with this list you can find ways to share some of that responsibility so you feel some weight lifted off your shoulders and feel supported by your partner.

Here are some tasks your fiance can tackle

  • The wedding guest list by a certain date

  • Seating arrangement for those guests

  • The honeymoon plans

  • Cocktail hour activities

  • The dj or entertainment

  • Have them email the wedding planner and I am sure they will have something they can use some input.

The wedding guest list by a certain date

Having a task with a date next to it can give them the idea of how fast they need to get this done, making the process easier for everyone. People love having control, so I’d say give them some.

Seating arrangement for those guests

Once the draft list is done they should also be part of who is seating where. Remember some of their guests might be college friends or coworkers that you haven't met, and you won't know who they will match energy with at the dinner table. Delegating this task can be a helpful way they can use some of their time to mix couples or singles on the same table.

The honeymoon plans

I have seen it at least 50% of all the weddings. A fun activity for the groom to take some responsibility; making plans for a honeymoon can be a hustle for some, if that’s you I’d recommend encouraging them to plan the honeymoon so they can think on the budget for it, how long, location, activities, weather, etc..

Cocktail hour activities,The dj & entertainment

As far as I know grooms care about these 3 things every single time I speak with them and this gets them excited, REALLY. Let them arrange some of the fun activities and maybe you can focus on the pretty parts of it. Working as a team where your both intentions are being expressed on the wedding day can feel so rewarding afterwards.

Have them email the wedding planner

The wedding planner is in your team, walking side by side through this process. Seeing some initiative on grooms or brides by emailing the planner about offering help or how they should be doing is such a sweet message to receive. So, as a wedding planner I would be encouraged to send some fiance’s my way.

There are expectations from Brides and Grooms about their wedding day that both parties should be heard. Sharing responsibilities is a MUST! Do not let yourself steal the full experience to yourself and to your partner.. Taking on all the responsibility on something you two should work together will exhaust your batteries and will create resentment for no reason! Bae, Sharing is caring! So start sharing this beautiful process of wedding planning.


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