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Are you on top of all your holiday activities but procrastinating on wedding planning? If you want to scratch some tasks from your To do list, keep reading..

Welcome to my most efficient method I do when I don't feel like doing ANYTHING but I still need to get things done. Setting yourself up for success is what efficient brides to be do.

1. Schedule your week on 1-2 days before it starts

  • Gym time

  • Meal prepping

  • Online Shopping

  • Get ready for the thanksgiving dinner

  • Reading, Journaling

  • Nap

  • 2 Hours to answer emails, pinning on Pinterest, reaching out to your wedding planner and ask all the questions you need

2. Give yourself grace if you still don’t complete your ALL your tasks

We tend to feel like a failure once we disappoint ourselves or others; instead of focusing on “how much I fail to others” think of how much you are getting done today..

Small wins:

  • I drank 2 liters of water, WOAH!!

  • I went to the gym to walk for 30 min

  • I did my morning routine without missing a day

  • I had such a beautiful conversation with my grandpa at the dinner table while talking about our engagement. “I feel so blessed”

3. Watch your progress and repeat it for next week

What work and what didn't? Remember EVERYONE is so different and every rule has its exceptions so if you think not 100% of this process works for, count the ones that actually did and keep practicing.

4. Batch work your wedding planning tasks

Set up a timer for “x” time you have available right now to advance “that task” 30 minutes, 45min? 2 hours. Put your phone on Do not disturb mode, pop in your headphones, play your favorite Friday playlist on Spotify, and do not let anything distract you for those minutes you have to get things rolling. Ready? Set, go!!

I batch work for any type of tasks weekly because at the end of each week I feel so accomplished, free to enjoy other things I love doing too and don't hear anymore the comments of “you are so busy, I haven't seen you in a while” and that just makes my week. I learned how important it is to have time for EVERYTHING, for me, for my business and for my loved ones.. Without them I wouldn't be able to function well, so doing this gives me the opportunity to not feel guilty if I spend 1 more hour on the phone or having dinner with them.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks you have in front of you, wedding vendors, dress decisions, guests, locations, budget, design, etc

Babe, I got you! You don’t have to feel like that, here at Gatherings by Sharon, we give tools to every couple on how to manage their schedules by months, we timeline the entire process so you are aware of what we are doing all the time and how long things should take.. We do so much for you so you can enjoy the holidays and life in general. Do not hesitate to email us if you need our help! We’d be absolutely happy to be there for you <3



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