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Who We Are

Seattle wedding planner with the desire to serve others by embracing our love for art and supporting women by delivering confidence in their design decisions. We are committed to making each of our clients happy and feel less pressure around their event planning process.  

What Makes Us Different?

Efficient Processes

We work diligently to take the stress out of the important moments in your life by providing easy-to-follow checklists and templates that make the planning process simple.

Style & Personality

Gatherings is proudly a Latina-owned business. We go straight to the point without wasting anyone's time.

Customer Service

We do all for the glory of Christ and serve others with a heart full of love and genuine hospitality. We strive to make sure you feel taken care of every step of the way.

"Thank you for helping me make my dream party come true. Thank you for being there and supporting me every step of the way in this process."

- From Daniel and Duong

Ready to plan your next event?

Our team is excited to meet you and make you feel like you are spending time with your homies! Contact us to inquire about how we may be able to help you bring your event idea to life.

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