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How to design a modern elegant wedding?

Modern elegance does not mean 25k in florals, only the most expensive china, and the top venue in town. ah ah.. Is about choosing the right elements every elegant wedding should have. You need a list I am about to give you, and I assure you this wedding will speak very loudly MODERN ELEGANCE.


A clean color palette is very important to maintain a modern elegant look. Whites, black and gold never go wrong when it comes to modern elegant weddings. Try to add on these to your design and I assure you that your wedding will have a hint of modern and elegance guaranteed.


Think about the shapes you want to really expose at your wedding.. arches became very popular few years ago and they are still going strong but if you mixed them with other shapes your design will only look messy and cheap, if you only design based on one shape the overall look will make sense making the wedding look stylish and clear.


Invest in a good staff for your catering and coordinator. These 2 will make your guests complain all night long or feel pamper by you. Having an organized planner that knows how to handle a crowd will save you headaches the day of your wedding. Make sure to have the whole wedding plan at least 4 weeks prior the wedding. The same goes with the catering company, they are bringing out the food, the customer service, etc. Your team should be advocate for excellence so do not hesitate in paying a bit extra for the extra hands they offer to give their best service experience.


Everything that gives an order of events and knowledge of what's happening next is part of bringing a modern elegant wedding. We live in a world where everyone wants the updated information so, if you give it to your guests in advance they will feel heard without saying a word. Having a timeline with all the information they will need can be much appreciated by them and giving great reviews of how well of a host you were at your wedding. Do not skip in those small details you think no one notice.. because they speak louder than they seem.

Following these simple steps will make your wedding feel Elegant and Modern without exaggerating on cost. Being thoughtful and letting the wedding flow smoothly will bring more awareness of elegance on this important day. I am hosting a class on how to design your wedding on May 6th so don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list and be part of this community that cares about the real values of a wedding.

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