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The Hidden Wedding Fees No One Tells You About

You are a soon-to-be bride, and I feel you! You may feel a bit lost. But not to worry, I am here to prepare you for the things you may spend your hard-earned money on that no one talks about putting in their wedding budget. I hope this helps you better understand the things you need to be mindful of putting in your budget before your big day.

  • Make-up Trials

  • Food Tastings

  • Consultation Calls

  • Bridesmaids Gifts

  • Engagement Party

  • Beauty Routines

My brides tend to spend their money on these things but were not aware they would need to budget for their big day. Let me walk you through each of them so you can be better prepared to assess your vendors before hiring them.

1. Make-Up Trials

Make-up trials are necessary to get to know your hairstylist and make-up artist. Remember, they will be with you getting you ready, hyping you up, and singing your jams, so they better vibe with you!! My advice: INVEST IN THEM, do a trial if you haven't found one yet, take advantage of parties and hire someone to do your hair and make-up for the engagement party or another celebration. That way, you get some services and get to know them better without "paying high dollar for make-up and hair."

2. Food Tastings

Trying catering for the first time can be overwhelming, so I suggest making a list of the restaurants you are thinking of using for your wedding day. Go to restaurants for date nights, engagement celebrations, and other occasions. That way, you don't spend double when making the final decision. Remember that you are already spending money going out to celebrate and might as well spend your money efficiently.

3. Consultation Calls Before Hiring

It can be overwhelming to schedule calls, but it's worth getting a vibe via zoom for 30 minutes for your soon-to-be vendors! Some of the vendors charge for consultations before hiring them. But many will use what you paid for as part of the overall payment.

4. Bridesmaid Gifts

What to give them that is cute and doesn't break the bank? We got you! Think of something they can wear on the wedding day. That way, you don't have to give them a gift twice; remember, there is nothing worse than buying something your bridesmaids will wear only once.

  1. Pajama sets

  2. Dainty Jewelry

  3. Host a dinner party and give them handwritten letters

  4. Restaurant gift cards

5. Engagement party

These parties are fun and give a little taste of how your wedding will look. They are also great to host if you are having a destination wedding and not all your guests will be able to join your big day. I recommend having a FULL budget for the wedding, including the engagement party.

6. Beauty Routines

If this wasn't a regular routine you did before being engaged, this will become a priority on your list. Having your skin radiant for your wedding day and giving the clean girl look vibes is what every bride is looking for these days, and I am all for it; our skins go through so much throughout the entire wedding process, from wearing more make-up due to celebrations to stress and some tears. Spas and beauty treatments will be your besties. Quick saving tip: If you set up a sustainable beauty routine you can do at least four times a week, your skin will look flawless without enhancing it with additional treatments.

I encourage you to look at the list and set up some priorities with you and your fiance because these are significant expenses that will add up when planning your budget. They may not all take place on the wedding day, but they should take place on your budget, so having an idea and being responsible for these additional costs will give you a better idea of what you are spending for your wedding day.


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